In the context of heating and ventilation, economic and technical aspects are predominant. The (individual!) human needs of the occupants are often ignored. Yet the heating or maintaining of thermal comfort as well as the ventilation of indoor environments are key issues of a healthy indoor climate. Consequently, we turn the tables in this course module: first we consider human needs and then match technical requirements.

Good-quality drinking water as well as the water we use for our body care is very important to our health. From well to faucet, water comes in contact with numerous materials, chemicals, and technologies. This is where planners, tradespeople, building owners, or occupants can make a difference. Furthermore, this course module also covers the environmentally aware and health-conscious use of laundry detergents and cleaning agents as well as the merits and pitfalls of water-saving technologies including rainwater or gray water use.

It is good to see that energy-efficient building design and lifestyle choices have found their place in mainstream society. Unfortunately, many key demands of building biology are ignored such as the prevention of air and electromagnetic pollution. Our slogan at the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability IBN is: Yes to energy efficiency, but the building biology way! This is what this course module is all about.