Life on Earth is maintained by the presence of various types of radiation. Light and heat from the sun travel in the form of radiation down to the earth. Throughout their evolution, living organisms have adapted to the natural background radiation; they are in natural balance with their environment. Today this balance is in serious danger, as in so many other areas as well.
Among other factors, exposure to significant levels of artificial electric and magnetic fields as well as radioactive radiation can cause such imbalances. Humans, as well as animals and plants, respond very differently to these exposures. In building biology and its building biology testing methods, nature is the ultimate guide. It is recommended that the exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields and changes in the natural background radiation are best avoided or at least reduced. There are also naturally occurring phenomena that can make people sick such as geological disturbances (e.g. underground watercourses, faults). It is important to also monitor those exposures and to avoid them.